Master the Tango Rhythms

Find & build your own balance, give it movement, accelerate and combine them. It's just simply a different approach.

People Dancing Tango

"This course has helped me to improve my balance and recognise the rhythmical Tango patterns to feel a lot more confident in my dance"

Anna Bella

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We are proud of teaching 5,000+ dancers.

As our students progress fast, we keep growing.

Don't stay behind, join us and boost your Tango fun!


We're offering this course with a big discount and our warranty. You'll have access to it forever and we're available to help you in case you need. Dance & Enjoy!

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This is a one time offer for a one time payment!


One Time

  • Find and Keep Your Balance

  • Practice the Rhythmical Patterns

  • Combine Those Patterns & Dance!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this suitable for beginners?

Absolutely yes! Actually this is the basement for a successful dancing.

2. Is this suitable for advanced dancers?

This is also for advanced dancers because, very often, they realise they can't progress due to problems on their basis. And because they were taught to memorise steps rather than feel their own bodies.

3. How much should I practice?

As everything: the more, the better! But the purpose of this course is to save you a LOT of time. And it will!

4. Is this going to change my dance style?

Your style is in constant transformation, improving. This course will actually help you to master more tools in order to make your style shine more.

This is the Course You Were Waiting For!

Today you have the chance to start changing for better your Tango experience. Join the hundreds of dancers who've actually taken this course.